Applying HCV Approach at Landscape Scale: From Screening to Protection

This Jurisdictional Action Network webinar organised in collaboration with the High Conservation Value Network (HCV Network) showcased examples of the High Conservation Value approach (HCV) that have been implemented in practice in Kapuas Hulu, Indonesia and Mbangassina, Cameroon.

The speakers, Hélène Mbaididje, Proforest and Stephan Kitzbichler, GIZ, shared their first-hand experiences of using HCV screening and assessments at landscape scale. Identifying what they think important enabling factors are for jurisdictional HCV assessments, challenges they encountered with the process as well as how they used the results of the assessments.

Nev Kemp, Landscapes Lead at the HCV Network, also highlights the main phases of applying HCV in landscapes during the webinar, identifying the key tools and guidance available at each stage of the process. This webinar concludes with a question and answer session, where the panelists shared additional details of how they worked with the local communities in their landscapes as part of the HCV screening process.

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