The Jurisdictional Approaches Resource Hub is hosted by the Tropical Forest Alliance as part of the Jurisdictional Action Network. It serves a growing community of people and organizations who seek to advance Jurisdictional Approaches (JAs) that support the responsible production and sourcing of forest-risk commodities.

In a short five years, JAs have come a long way. Stakeholders have shown interest in JAs – a subset of the wider landscape approaches – as they realized that corporate commitments to deforestation-free supply chains need to be complemented by aligned public policies to achieve sustainable land use at scale.

photo: CIFOR

Expertise and Experiences

The Jurisdictional Approaches Resource Hub leverages the expertise and experience of TFA’s partners, complements ongoing efforts, promotes success stories, and explores cross-cutting issues in diverse jurisdictional initiatives. More specifically, it aims to drive and mobilize the private sector to take collective actions that build momentum in districts, provinces and states that seek to become sustainable.

The resources available through this hub offer stakeholders an array of tools. These include:

  • Guides on practical steps companies can take to support jurisdictional initiatives
  • Publications that highlight case studies of private sector engagement
  • Critical thinking on how and why jurisdictional initiatives make measurable progress

Range of Perspectives

Like spokes in a wheel, this resource hub also provides links to webinars organized by TFA’s Jurisdictional Action Network, as well as to global, regional and local perspectives offered by TFA partners.

These partners and the wider JA community also provide the hub’s content.

Contributions are welcome in the form of JA related publications, recordings and upcoming events – especially those related to private sector engagement.

To contribute, please email with “JA Resource Hub” in the subject line.