Due Diligence & Risk Mitigation: Using the Landscape Approach to Answer EUDR & Upcoming Regulations

This webinar highlights the efficacy of the landscape approach in bolstering companies’ due diligence processes, particularly within the context of smallholder supply chains. The landscape approach offers a holistic strategy to identify and tackle prevalent social and environmental risks across many actors. It is thus a particularly important tool for mitigating risks and fostering sustainable commodity production practices.

The webinar starts with an explanation from Global Rights Compliance of what a due diligence approach is and what it means for companies. Earthworm Foundation then lays out how landscape approaches can support due diligence, as the holistic nature of these approaches allows companies to identify and design solutions to address issues in the landscapes. The webinar then focuses on two examples of how these approaches are supporting due diligence processes in practice. The first example is from IDH discussing experiences from the Vietnam Central Highlands landscape, the second examples is from Earthworm and the Cavally region of the Ivory Coast.

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