The Business Case for Company Action in Production Landscapes: Charting the Path Forward

This webinar was focused on the evolving business case for companies to collaborate with other stakeholders to achieve and sustain sustainable land use practices at scale in production regions. The webinar presented the findings of the TFA initiated global study on midstream and downstream company landscape engagement, which identified 110+ companies supporting landscape and jurisdictional initiatives across 90+ initiatives. This was followed by short presentations where panelists shared their perspectives on why they are taking landscape-scale action from a retailer’s and manufacturer’s point of view, and IDH shared the value for companies in partnering with them in production landscapes.

The building blocks to mainstream landscape and jurisdictional approaches as a corporate strategy were then highlighted by TFA. The building blocks include greater recognition for companies’
landscape-scale action in frameworks, and more mechanisms and tools being made available for companies. The webinar concluded with a panel discussion, where panelists answered questions from the audience. These questions were focused on the impacts and metrics for successful landscape interventions, the challenges for companies to take landscape-scale action and how businesses move forward when faced with pushback from internal stakeholders if they do not see the value in investing in these initiatives.


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