Collaborating for Sustainability in Sourcing Landscapes

Addressing commodity-driven deforestation, ecosystem conversion, and human rights abuses on a systemic basis is often beyond the scope or ability of any one company. Effective and lasting solutions require companies to engage beyond their own supply chains and collaborate to achieve landscape- and jurisdiction-scale impacts. During this webinar, experts from the Accountability Framework Initiative (AFi) described how the Accountability Framework can be used to support collaborative sustainability efforts in sourcing regions.

To bring practical examples of the Framework in action, the webinar featured panellists that discussed the role of landscape, jurisdictional, and sectoral initiatives in achieving corporate sustainability goals, and shared examples from multiple contexts. The Tropical Forest Alliance shared findings from a 15-month global study, conducted in collaboration with Proforest and CDP, on company landscape engagement. Nestlé highlighted their involvement in the Consumer Goods Forum’s Forest Positive Coalition of Action, and how they have collaborated with Earthworm in the Sabah Landscape, Malaysia. LTKL also shared their experience of using the Accountability Framework across their participating jurisdictions in Indonesia. The webinar concluded with an interactive audience Q&A session.

You can download the slide deck presented in the webinar here.

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