How Companies Can Make Claims About Contributions to Landscape Performance Outcomes

This webinar was focused on two collective position papers, that have been developed under the facilitation of ISEAL that provide baseline guidance for companies on good practices for making claims about landscape actions and outcomes, and the responsibilities companies have for supporting landscape monitoring. The first paper presented was ISEAL’s third position paper, where ISEAL provided an overview of the differences between collective, proportional and attribution claims in addition to the key principles for apportioning outcomes. This section of the webinar was followed by a panel discussion to draw on practical experiences from companies Colgate-Palmolive and Sainsbury’s, as well as WWF’s work in supporting companies to invest in landscape action.

The panel discussion was followed by a presentation on ISEAL’s fourth position paper, which highlighted why companies should invest in landscape monitoring and company roles and responsibilities for monitoring in landscapes. LandScale, which is one of the implementing tools that companies can use for monitoring, then presented practical findings from the Sierra de Tapalpa landscape in Mexico. Companies in this landscape conducted a baseline assessment, set common goals and used LandScale to monitor against these goals. Four lessons learned were then presented on the use of LandScale for monitoring purposes through its use in the landscape.

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