Multi-Stakeholder Facilitation in Landscape Initiatives: Building Long-Term Solutions

This webinar highlights the role of facilitators in building multi-stakeholder dialogues and landscape initiatives, and how different stakeholders can support these processes. Bringing together panelists from an NGO KKI Warsi, a platform for multi-stakeholder discussion The Forests Dialogue, and a donor organisation from the UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office, the panel discussion highlighted that local stakeholders especially are key players when it comes to convening and facilitating landscape initiatives. The panelists also emphasized that building the capacity of these local organisations is important, and that it takes time to invest and mobilise around these conveners in multi-stakeholder processes.

The webinar also shared the findings from recently published reports, that further highlighted the importance of these facilitation roles. Stephanie Andrei shared case studies from P4F’s portfolio report, highlighting initiatives such as the BTP Protection Forum. While Tharic Galuchi shared findings from TFA, Proforest and CDP’s Global Study on company landscape engagement. Tharic used the examples of Brazil for the pulp, paper and packaging sector and Ghana for the cocoa sector that showed the presence of multi-stakeholder processes, with neutral facilitators, is a key success factor in landscape initiatives.

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