Financial Mechanisms for Landscape Investment: Synergies to Increase Returns & Enhance Impacts

In this webinar novel finance mechanisms and approaches that coordinate investments to drive sustainability, climate and economic benefits in landscapes are showcased. Investors share innovative commercial and non-commercial cases and discuss their strategies to reduce risk, capture synergies among projects and apply their models at scale. These mechanisms and approaches include the Cascadia Foodshed Finance Project in Washington and Oregon, United States of America as well as the Finance for Forest Friendly Coffee Landscapes as part of the Anei Coffee Cooperative in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. The Legacy Landscapes Fund was also presented as a mechanisms to finance landscape scale action.

The webinar also presented the different types of integrated landscape finance mechanisms to frame the discussions with the panelists. These mechanisms are grant facilities, landscape-specific investment funds, landscape-focused investment funds, development finance institutions and landscape bonds. Candice Stevens, Chair of the Sustainable Finance Coalition also outlined, from the perspective of financial institutions, the considerations that these institutions must give thought to in the future. These include taking a different approach to risk, with more innovation in the financing space to bridge gaps surrounding the risks of financing projects. As well as ensuring environmental and social returns are considered as highly as financial and capital returns in the financing space.

This event is the second webinar of a three-part dialogue series on integrated landscape finance for financial leaders. You can find the first webinar in the series here, and the third webinar here.

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