Take Landscape Action, Make Claims: Guidance for Companies

This webinar was focused on two collective position papers, that have been developed under the facilitation of ISEAL, that provide baseline guidance for companies on good practices for making claims about landscape actions and outcomes. The papers were both introduced, prerequisites were outlined and a practical example was discussed to show how a company can report a claim. To frame some of the discussion CDP spoke about how the companies that disclose to them are talking about landscape actions, as well as what some of these actions look like. CDP also relayed how corporate disclosure on landscape and jurisdictional approaches has been growing in recent years, from 27 companies disclosing they were involved in these initiatives in 2020 to 192 disclosing involvement in 2022.

To give the papers a further practical grounding, Emily Kunen Co-Chair of the Consumer Goods Forum Forest Positive Coalition of Action (CGF FPCoA) introduced the Coalition’s Landscape Reporting Framework and expained how the members have been reporting on their actions using aligned metrics. Finally, the webinar concluded with a panel discussion to draw on more practical experience from companies, PepsiCo and Walmart, and implementer the Earthworm Foundation who are all taking action at landscape scale. As part of the panel discussion panelists shared, from their experience, what the most critical piece of information is to communicate when making a claim for landscape action. The panelists from the companies also shared why they are considering landscapes as part of their investment strategy, while Earthworm Foundation shared their experiences of working with companies and reflected on the current interest that they are seeing.

The collective position papers can be found at the links below:

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