Setting Clear Nature, Climate, and Human Rights Goals with the Accountability Framework

Using the Accountability Framework, companies can set commitments to no-deforestation, no-conversion, and respect for human rights that align with international norms and stakeholder expectations. This webinar explores how companies at all stages of agriculture and forestry supply chains can use the Framework to develop or strengthen their policies. It also discusses how companies can use the Framework to set aligned and integrated climate and nature goals.

As part of the framework, the webinar also gives an explanation of how companies can use the first land targets to take integrated environmental action. The webinar breaks down the three targets : 1) No conversion of natural ecosystems 2) Land footprint reduction 3) Landscape engagement. As part of the landscape engagement target section, the webinar shows how engaging in these initiatives can help companies address the regenerative, restorative, and transformative actions required by companies setting Science Based Targets for Nature.

You can access the slide deck that was presented during the webinar here.

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