Scaling up Impacts and Collaboration on Landscape and Jurisdictional Approaches: A Corporate Perspective

CDP, together with Proforest and ISEAL, held a webinar highlighting practical and concrete recommendations and experiences that companies are taking to engage on landscape and jurisdictional approaches. For those with limited knowledge of the subject, Nadia Bishai from CDP gives a clear definition of the differences between both and discusses the 3M of integrated landscape management: Multiple and collective goals; Multi-stakeholder governance; and Monitoring collectively. She also discussed the uneven developments in L/JA across value chains, with palm oil leading but with less upstream engagement.

Tropical Forest Alliance facilitated the panel with Musim Mas, Nestlé, Clarmondial and ISEAL, touching on how companies are implementing corporate sustainability strategies, such as zero deforestation policies, through a landscape approach, and also on multistakeholder and collective action, in particular the importance of having a solid governance process and multistakeholder collaboration.

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