Learning from Jurisdictions: Data Collection for LTKL’s Regional Competitiveness Framework 


The webinar showcased lessons learned from implementing LTKL’s Regional Competitiveness Framework (KDSD in Indonesian) in three pilot districts in Indonesia: Siak in Riau province, Sintang in West Kalimantan, and Gorontalo in Gorontalo. KDSD summarises key national policies on SDGs, emission reduction, and open government, and market-based frameworks with jurisdictional application, including RSPO P&C, Sustainable Landscape Rating Tools, Verified Sourcing Area, and Terpercaya.

At the webinar, LTKL representatives shared how the development of local multistakeholder teams has advanced KDSD implementation and data collection and highlighted the varying degrees of data availability across the districts. These findings are expected to inform future development of jurisdictional sustainability frameworks and the formulation of incentives, particularly from the private sector, to drive better performance in jurisdictions.

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