JCAF 8: The Role of Philanthropy to Advance Jurisdiction Sustainability and SDGs

Taking action to achieve SDG’s agenda for our better and sustainable future has never been so urgent. Collaboration and partnership are key to advancing the SDG’s agenda at scalable impact. The JCAF #8 Dialogue discussed how philanthropists and district leaders are driving changes on the ground and contribute to the SDGs’ achievement in advancing the climate agenda and drive economic growth.

Firstly the Head of SDGs set the scene on the importance of SDGs and the need to localize national targets in a practical and participatory manner. The session started with a focus on private sector, L’oréal, Bumitama, and Barito, sharing their concerns and priorities. The private sector panelists shared three critical areas: contribution, climate mitigation, community empowerment, and economic growth. The last session was from Jurisdiction leaders sharing how the District envisions promoting SDGs through sustainable commodity productions and low-carbon development with a set of priorities. The session concluded with a recommendation to strengthen and accelerate current efforts to achieve both local and National SDGs target through Gotong Royong.

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