JCAF 3: Financing Jurisdiction Approach Toward Green Prosperity

This dialogue brought together JA stakeholders to share experiences, best practices and identified common approaches that demonstrated advancement of investment into jurisdictions. The dialogue was set into two sessions to dive into the context of regulatory frameworks, principles,
standards, and guidelines to mobilize investments for jurisdictional-scale performance from the lens of Governments of Indonesia, non-state actors, donors, and investors.

In light of financing jurisdiction, the JCAF #3 concluded with five key takeaways. First, innovative financing is a key to mobilizing towards ready jurisdictions. Second, government outlined accessible financing schemes through BPDLH, TAPE TAKE; and ecosystem services at the jurisdictional level. Third, leading jurisdictions have shown practical and theoretical steps towards fulfilling their commitment through competitiveness index and holistic JA approach in sustainable commodity
productions. Fourth, a sustainable and durable implementation of JA requires government support
to enhance existing initiatives funded through donor related or private projects. Fifth, JA provides an inspiring vision; however, financing and investment remain challenging aspects. Therefore, external support is needed to make this vision a reality.

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