JCAF 11: Multistakeholder collaboration in achieving SDGs

Please note this recording is in Indonesian.

Partnerships to accelerate the UN SDGs by 2030 (SDG goal 17) have never been more critical. This session explores how philanthropy actors and Jurisdiction leaders’ play a prominent role and use innovative ways to advance their commitments to advancing SDG goal 17. For example, localizing the SDGs at subnational level is a strategy that governments can take to enhance national targets through alignment with non-state actors.

The session also shared experiences from actors at the city/district level in promoting co-operation and collaboration in order to achieve regional action plans (RAD SDGs) for mainstreaming SDGs at the jurisdictional level and contribute to national action plans (RAN SDGs). Furthermore, we see how obtaining models and practices for collective stakeholder action (including government and partners) and the environment is needed to support sustainable initiatives that can be developed in other jurisdictions.

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