Investing in Jurisdictional Sustainability : Roadmap Toward Green Prosperity

The content of this video is in Indonesian and most relevant information starts at 9 minutes.

This session refers to the Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA) and Daemeter Consulting study entitled “Decade of Progress” released in 2021, showing levels of deforestation and forest fires in Indonesia have decreased significantly in the past decade. This achievement is supported by government policies and programs to promote sustainable development in the forestry sector.

Some of the other key levers are: corporate support through the transformation of the No Deforestation, No Peat and No Exploitation (NDPE) policy, sustainable palm oil trade, the role of civil society as a sustainability partner to the expansion of information and knowledge about sustainability. Various approaches are also carried out by relying on cross-sectoral participation and inclusiveness led by regional heads, known as landscape and jurisdictional approaches.

How can these policies be implemented to achieve sustainable development targets in the forestry sector? And what are the challenges and possible solutions?

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