Forests, Commodities and Landscape: Jurisdictional Initiative in Tocache, Peru 


This Jurisdictional Action Network webinar showcased how Tocache province, a major producer of palm oil and cocoa in San Martin, Peru, is transitioning towards low-emission development. The province aims to be the country’s first deforestation-free commodity production region.

Aligned with the local government, the Coalition for Sustainable Production, which includes about 50 traders, commodity producers, smallholder associations, CSOs, and government agencies, highlighted the vision to promote sustainable agriculture that is aligned with efforts to reduce deforestation. Speakers from the private sector, including a palm oil company and a cocoa cooperative, highlighted the opportunities for commodities from the province to access certain markets when they are produced sustainably.

Success factors to achieving jurisdictional sustainability in Tocache highlighted in the webinar included supportive regulatory frameworks, clear governance and aligned standards, and the inclusion of small producers.

While simultaneous translation to English was provided in the webinar, it was held in Spanish and the recording is only available in Spanish.

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