Landscape Scale Action for Forests, People, and Sustainable Production: A Practical Guide for Companies

Learn how your company can engage in landscape and jurisdictional initiatives.


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Explore 20 interventions for companies to engage in landscapes and jurisdictional initiatives (L/JIs) to fit your context and geographies. In considering these, companies should work with local stakeholders in the landscapes/jurisdictions they wish to engage to determine which interventions are needed and consider which interventions fit their own corporate strategy.

Each intervention presented here showcases real world examples of company engagement, key points for implementation, the external conditions that increase the likelihood of success, as well as the business case for a company to use it. Relative cost to a company and duration of engagement are also presented to help you plan your intervention.

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Participate in landscape/jurisdictional planning

Build community and multi-stakeholder capacities

Enhance government commitment and capacity

Link supply chain actions to L/JIs through private sector collaboration

Support and incentivize sustainable production and community land use practices

Support innovative financial mechanisms