Working on the Ground in Indonesia’s Palm Oil Sector – Innovation Forum Podcast

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What are the successes, challenges and approaches in driving sustainability in Indonesia’s palm oil sector?

Bara Robyn, partnerships development lead at Earthworm Foundation in Indonesia spoke to Innovation Forum’s podcast host, Ian Welsh, about the importance of working with local stakeholders and highlighting their capability in driving sustainability within the palm oil sector. They were joined by Wahyudi Putro Widodo, section head of the sustainability and smallholder scheme at PT Laot Banko, a palm oil business and Earthworm partner. Widodo covered work the company has done on mapping and resolving community conflicts, NDPE (No Deforestation, Peat and Exploitation) scoping and monitoring forest cover.

Earthworm Foundation and PT Laot Bangko Speak at Innovation Forum Podcast

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“We always start our approach by connecting brands to their producers, refineries and plantations to support their sustainability commitments,” said Bara Robyn. “And that’s always been the rationale to work in a specific landscape.”

Listen to the full podcast here now.

This work is part of Earthworm Foundation’s landscape programme in Aceh, Indonesia, which is supported by members, ADM, Avril, Bunge, Clorox, Colgate, Fuji Oil, Givaudan, Hershey, Mars, Musim Mas, Nestlé, Reckitt and Vandemoortele. Here, we work in four districts to protect forests, support government and supply chain actors, and improve the lives of farmers, workers and communities.

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