Podcast: Landscape Collaboration to Drive Progress Towards Sustainable Land Use

This podcast can be listened to here at the Innovation Forum’s website.

This week: Jack Hurd, executive director of Tropical Forest Alliance, and Emily Kunen, senior director, positive agriculture capabilities and forest risk at PepsiCo, talk with Innovation Forum’s Ian Welsh about how companies can act to develop a more sustainable approach to land use at scale. They discuss research conclusions and key takeaways from the Tropical Forest Alliance’s latest report on corporate action at scale on sustainable land use.

And: insight from CEO of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Joseph D’Cruz, speaking at Innovation Forum’s sustainable landscapes and commodities conference in Amsterdam.  

Plus: financial giants call for businesses to set Science Based Targets; over 50% of consumers willing to shift diets for a better world; and, shortfall in climate adaptation funding previously underestimated, in the news digest by Innovation Forum’s Bea Stevenson.

To read the new report from the Tropical Forest Alliance click here.

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