LandScale Pilot Experiences

Since the launch of LandScale in April 2022, there have been several pilots taking place to monitor performance at a landscape scale. LandScale has prepared the video below with some of the early users speaking about their experience in piloting the assessment to date.

We are very happy with LandScale. We hope to see results and analysis, which will really prove that we are implementing the Sintang Lestari (Sustainable District) concept appropriately. In the next few years, we hope there will be a study that we can compare the results we have made this year, and whether Sintang has succeeded in implementing sustainability.

Kartiyus, Head of Regional Development Agency, Sintang, Indonesia.

LandScale is a tool that allows us to carry out a holistic assessment. We can identify common goals, and align them with the stakeholders. We can motivate them to work together and deliver a positive impact.

Omshanti Romero, Senior Associate Landscapes & Communities, Rainforest Alliance, Peru.

We decided to use LandScale in order to be able to assess and determine the impact of our interventions at a landscape level. LandScale provides the right framework to measure and monitor the net increase of productive areas, from agroforestry and restoration of degraded land.

José Miguel Arenas, Speciality Coffee and Sustainability Head, Olam Food Ingredients, Mexico.

Hear from further stakeholders who have also piloted LandScale in the following video.

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