Introducing LandScale – Powering Landscape Sustainability

LandScale is a user-friendly assessment tool developed by the Rainforest Alliance, Verra, and Conservation International that generates landscape-level insights that help organizations deliver and credibly communicate sustainability at scale. Visit to learn more.

This 2 minute video provides an overview of what LandScale is:

LandScale is a groundbreaking system, that gives businesses, NGOs, governments, financial institutions and donors a new perspective on sustainability. Taking a rural landscape, whether it’s deforestation, water shortages, poverty or land conflict, our landscapes are under unprecedented pressure. But these issues cannot be viewed in isolation, they are all connected. LandScale provides a solution to assess the combined impact of all activities at a landscape level.

The assessment framework includes a comprehensive set of indicators which can be tailored to your landscape and stakeholders. While the collaborative digital workplace provides a clear workflow to assess your landscape and generate your own report. There is also practical guidance and resources to help along the way.

LandScale gives organisations a birds-eye view, enabling users to gather insights, set ambitious goals, understand risks and measure progress. Once validated by LandScale, your results and stories can be shared on the platform, connecting investors and supporters to stakeholders in your landscape. The challenges faced can be overwhelming but LandScale gives the power to build trust, find common goals, and attract finance, to create more sustainable landscapes at scale.

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