GCF Task Force Indonesia Collaboration with Carbon Disclosure Project

This impact story was originally published by the Governors’ Climate & Forests Task Force here.

In December 2022, the Governors’ Climate and Forests (GCF) Task Force in Indonesia submitted Papua province’s response to the CDP questionnaire. Since 2022, the GCF Task Force has been assisting member provinces in Indonesia to formulate responses to the CDP States and Regions (S&R) questionnaire, as part of the collaboration between the two organisations in Indonesia. By reporting to CDP, states and regions can demonstrate transparency and accountability, access actionable insights and knowledge-sharing, participate in relevant global environmental initiatives, and showcase jurisdictions’ plans, targets, and progress of climate actions. Aside from these benefits, data/information provided by the member provinces in their responses is expected to assist in tracking implementation of the Manaus Action Plan (MAP) in Indonesia.

GCF Task Force’s Indonesia member provinces have defined steps of programs and activities to support implementation of the MAP, as well as indicators to assist in tracking its progress and performance. Overall target indicators for MAP’s implementation in Indonesia are the following:

These indicators are already part of the CDP S&R questionnaire, although not in exact terms. Thus, annual response of member provinces to the CDP S&R questionnaire will form a database that can help record MAP performance up to 2030.

Meanwhile, for the implementation programs, many of the indicators have relevance to the questions covered under the CDP S&R questionnaire, although an interpretation will be needed in some of them (see Table 2).

In the future, CDP and the GCF Task Force will discuss possibilities of modifying the questionnaire to accommodate the need to track the program indicators.

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