Webinar: New Guidance for Companies Supporting and investing in Landscapes and Jurisdictions

Developed through a consultation process in 2021, ISEAL’s new set of guiding practices for effective company actions in landscapes and jurisdictions aims to support companies taking this step. The guidance can be used to inform how companies can best contribute to improved sustainability performance in a landscape or jurisdiction and how they can communicate about the results of those actions.

This webinar is for companies working to improve sustainability performance within their supply chains; engaging in landscape approaches and jurisdictional initiatives is a way to take action at scale. ISEAL will present the new guidance and hear from key organisations involved in its development. They will discuss the value it can provide for organisations working on landscape and jurisdictional approaches, in particular those looking at private sector action.

For more information and to find the consultation draft: https://www.isealalliance.org/about-iseal/our-work/jurisdictional-monitoring-and-claims

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