Investing in Jurisdictional Sustainability: Roadmap Toward Green Prosperity

Indonesia will assume the G20 Presidency in 2022. IDE Katadata 2022 will discuss several important agendas at the G20 meeting, such as digital transformation, financial inclusion, and health transformation. Raising the name of : Together For The New Future, IDE Katadata 2022 wants to invite the public to imagine Indonesia’s future in various sectors.

Leading Jurisdictions such as Siak, Seruyan, Berau, Kubu Raya, and Aceh Tamiyang are amongst many districts showing progressive and inspiring journeys to accelerate climate agendas through advancing Low Carbon Development Growth and Sustainable Development Goals. 

JCAF dialogue has shown how the Jurisdictional Approach demonstrates a holistic and practical approach to addressing the challenges of deforestation and sustainable commodity production in an inclusive manner, providing economic livelihood, better governance, and an inclusive economy. 

Investing in Jurisdictional Sustainability: Roadmap Toward Green Prosperity is a JCAF session part of the IDE 2022. The session will demonstrate how Jurisdictional Approaches are implemented in many leading Jurisdictions in Indonesia. Head of the District of Siak and Seruyan will share their lessons-learned stories, collective action approach, and strategic framework to implement Jurisdictional Approach to provide and maintain the ecosystem to achieve Jurisdictional Sustainability to advance Indonesia’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

The Dialogue aims to advance the current efforts through: 

  1. Promoting Jurisdictional Approach that demonstrates District commitment toward sustainable development growth and low carbon economies
  2. Demonstrating innovative solutions toward the achievement of green development in Indonesia 

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